Sunday, May 13, 2012

Annual Richters Trip

This weekend was my annual trip to Richters.  I made the journey to Goodwood, Ontario to check out the vast selection of Herbs.  I always enjoy my visits to Richters.  It is such a wonderful sensory experience, the beautiful sights, smells and textures of the numerous rows of plants to visit.  This year I got straight to business and reviewed the catalogue before going so I knew exactly what I wanted.  It can be a dangerous place to visit and I often leave with way more plants and seeds than I anticipated.  I did well this year and did not give in too much to temptation.
Here is what came home with me:
Woolly and Minus Thyme that will be added to the lavender garden
Yummy Lemon Verbena for tea
Kaliteri Oregano - a great success last year

Golden Rain, Rex and Pink Majorca Rosemary
I also picked up Cinnamon and Lemon Basil seeds.  This year I was not able to get my absolute favourite basil variety Mrs.Burns Lemon Basil because it is discontinued.  I will have to sort through some old flower heads from last years batch to see if I can salvage some to continue with that strain.  It is definitely worth trying to keep. 

No trip is complete without a visit to the gift shop.  I managed to avoid the book section completely because I am a bit of a book junkie but I did find these really nice organic body perfumes that I just couldn't resist.  They came in these cute little handmade boxes.  I picked up a Patchouli as well as a Sandalwood and they smell amazing.

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