Friday, June 29, 2012

Let the Gardening Begin!

With gardening season in full swing I have been absent from posting in quite some time (my apologies).  I have been busy in the garden planting all of the beautiful vegetables and herbs that will provide me with fresh, wonderful treats later in the season.  
Here are a few select photos of how the garden is progressing.  The garden has really taken off since these pictures were taken so I will have to take new photos soon to document the progress.
The front garden plot: green and yellow zucchinis, cucumbers,
assorted hot peppers, a variety of tomatoes and eggplants
In the clay pots to the right: yellow and green beans, 2 varieties of kale,
and a chia plant
A perfect match!
Grow your own pie: rhubarb and strawberry garden

Love the lovage
French tarragon

Sweet sorrel

Aside from the edibles, many flowers have made an appearance as well.

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